Datastore TileCache and Trusted Sites

06-03-2021 03:32 AM
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I have an anomaly with the publication of 3d Scenes.
the solution offered by Esri support I know it works
below the link.


my problem is that the domain user running ArcGIS Server does not have the Logon rights.

how can i apply the support solution?

Thank you

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Looking at this issue, you may have to engage with a user who has log on privilege's to add the site to the security tab. This workflow may require an admin user to do so, depending on how locked down the underlying system is.

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In our windows environment for the tile cache data store, (and the relational store) I had to add the windows domain account that runs arcserver.exe service to the datastore machines administrators domain group - so example domain\\arcgisserveraccount then has full control over all the directories.  Then I tested that I could log on to the servers with the arcgis server service account.  That solved it for us.

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Personally, I wouldn't run anything under an admin context.  It's a security risk.

Logged in to the server as you, you can run executables as a different user.  so choose IE and 'Run As' the ArcGIS Server service account, this will allow you to get to internet options and you can make the selections there.  Otherwise, use a signed certificate instead of a self-signed one?


Scott Tansley
Consulting Architect (ArcGIS Enterprise)
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I'm not running anything under an admin context.  Early on, we placed the service account into an admin group as a troubleshooting step so we could actually log on to the datastore machines with that account. Once we were certain the account could get to the directories needed we removed it.

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