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Duplicating Survey & Editing Records in a Web Form

Question asked by luis420 on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by luis420

Ok...this one seems like a challenge. I am able to do what I want -somewhat - but not really get the results I want. I made a link on my popup box that links to my survey form so it's possible to go back and edit a survey. I created a button in the form that's associated with a Relevant field so that if its a new survey you can enter the info or if its an Update, keeps the previous info and you can update the new fields in a group...basically adding info to fields related to the update button. I created a repeat and that just adds selections to a related table so that will not work. 


The way it would need to function would be to click the Update Record button and would duplicate all (or some) of the initial survey fields. It wouldn't alter any of the previous surveys and just add/update info regarding the revisit or status. It would serve sort of as a log or a history of surveys.


I did this using Calculations and Relevant fields but it's not really what I'm after (See Form Below). The popup would show the latest info on the map related to status (see Figure 1) but that's not as important at this moment and that's not quite possible using this method. The importance would be to add additional info to each survey. The new information would be added to the popup and controlled by configuring the HTML (see Figure 2). As for now, I dont know how many records would be added, but assume several could be added. Any ideas?

Figure1. - Existing Popup

Figure2. - Desired Outpop

Popup Box1  Popup Box2


select_one update_yesnorecord_updateSelect Incident Record Type No  
begin groupgroup1_beginInput Record   ${record_update}="No"
dateTimeRecordedDateTimeTime to Recordedhorizontalnow()  
select_one tofromtofromOrigin of IncidentlikertFrom  
end groupgroup1_endend group    
begin groupgroup2_beginUpdate Incident Record No ${record_update}="Yes"
begin repeatUpdatedDateTime0Update Time    
dateTimeUpdatedDateTime1Time  Updated now()  
end repeat      
begin repeatUpdatedToFrom0Update Origin    
select_one tofromUpdatedToFrom1Update Origin of IncidentlikertTo  
end repeat      
begin repeatUpdatedStatus0Update Statuslikert   
select_one statusUpdatedStatus1Update Incident Status    
end repeat      
end groupgroup2_end