Extract Values to Points error

Discussion created by wilkes11 on Mar 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by mike_geo

I am trying to use the extraction tool in spatial analyst, specifically extract values to points. I need to extract values from an input raster from a vulnerability map to a point layer of groundwater wells, but when I perfrom the operation I get the following error message:

Executing: ExtractValuesToPoints Buda_Wells DRASTIC H:\Senior_Project\DRASTIC_MAP\DRASTIC\Well_DRASTICScores\trial1.shp NONE VALUE_ONLY
Start Time: Fri Mar 25 10:57:28 2011
ERROR 999998: Unexpected Error.
Failed to execute (ExtractValuesToPoints).
End Time: Fri Mar 25 10:57:29 2011 (Elapsed Time: 1.00 seconds)

I am unable to determine the cause as this is a general error. Any suggestions?