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Why doesn't LocationDisplay update often?

Question asked by Crittermap on Mar 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by gheppner-esristaff

The following is how I am initializing the LocationDisplay


Criteria criteria = new Criteria(); criteria.setAccuracy(Criteria.ACCURACY_FINE); AndroidLocationDataSource androidLocationDataSource = new AndroidLocationDataSource(mContext, criteria, 250L, 1L); mLocationDisplay.setLocationDataSource(androidLocationDataSource); mLocationDisplay.setWanderExtentFactor(0);

You'd think this would mean it updates up to four times a second, but it doesn't.

Especially after resuming the activity, it updates whenever it feels like it.

Sometimes that's two seconds, sometimes five seconds, sometimes 15 seconds.


Here is an illustration.


Pointer behind a track.


A service running in the background IS getting the location every second through locationManager.

The arrow just isn't keeping up.

It will catch up to the track once in a while.


How do I make the LocationDisplay behave decently?


I could create my own LocationDataSource - maybe.

But it would be a major pain because you don't allow subclassing and your code is very obscure.

And how do I know the bottleneck isn't somewhere else besides the LocationDataSource?