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CalculateGeometryAttributes missing 6th positional argument

Question asked by CHardy@nps.gov_nps on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by CHardy@nps.gov_nps

When I attempt to run the CalculateGeometryAttributes in a Python window in ArcGIS Pro so I can add the last positional argument I get an error message stating:

TypeError: CalculateGeometryAttributes() takes from 0 to 5 positional arguments but 6 were given

According to the documentation at Calculate Geometry Attributes—Data Management toolbox | Documentation the syntax for this tool is: 


CalculateGeometryAttributes(in_features, geometry_property, {length_unit}, {area_unit},{coordinate_system}, {coordinate_format})

This shows 6 positional arguments but when I attempt to add a value for {coordinate_format} the tool won't accept it. Did ESRI change the syntax and remove this feature or is this a bug?