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Export - edit href in JSON response

Question asked by natasha85 on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by NSager-esristaff

Hi, I'm using Web AppBuilder and to add a Layer I use EXPORT POST because my request is longer then 2000 characters.

In the response I'm getting something like this....

{ "href": "https://atlantic/arcgisoutput/_ags_map42ef5eae899942a9b564138e184a55c9.png", "width": 400, "height": 400, "extent": { "xmin": -109.55, "ymin": 25.76, "xmax": -86.39, "ymax": 49.94, "spatialReference": { "wkid": 4326, "latestWkid": 4326 } }, "scale" : 2.53E7 }

Is it a part where I can change href parameter? because the url I'm getting is not reacheable from my's I just have to change the href parameter when I load the image..

Thank you in advance,