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arcgis python toolbox, how do i get the geom from a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer after a polygon has been created

Question asked by pixelist on Mar 3, 2020

Hi all.

I have a custom python toolbox created in ArcMap 10.5.


I'm using GPFeatureRecordSetLayer to draw a polygon onto a in_memory layer.

I can see a in_memory layer created when I run the tool, there are no errors.


How do I access that layer or in particular, how do I go about accessing the geom in that layer to send to a REST endpoint please?


The parameter looks like:


paramPoly = arcpy.Parameter(

   displayName = "aoi",

   name = "aoi",

   dataType = "GPFeatureRecordSetLayer",

   parameterType = "Required",

   direction = "Input")

paramPoly.value = r"local address to a polygon layer"



thank you very much for any help)