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Data Interoperability and excel

Question asked by SunnyNorth_2019 on Mar 1, 2020

Hi all, 


I'm new the Data Interoperability externsion to ArcGIS for Desktop and looking for some advice please.


I am trying to find a process whereby I can join an excel file containing 40 or so records with an asset ID number column  to a .gdb feature class containing several thousand records including same asset IDs. 

I need to be able to convert the joined output to a new featureclass with a schema containing a subset of the attributes from both sources.

Then I need to provide this data as a service.

The end goal will be a source excel sheet which when updated, and the ETL tool run, will update the gis data in the service.

I've looked through the toolkit in the data interop extension and simply cannot find a tool which performs the join.  I thought I should be looking for

  • 2 readers, for the excel and feature class source files, 
  • a transform tool - something to join this type of data and control the output schema
  • 1 writer for the output gdb


It seems like a pretty basic requirement so I know I'm probably missing something obvious.


Any help would be really great.