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Writing to hosted feature layer views with QuickCapture

Question asked by MGG_Beca on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on May 3, 2020 by MGG_Beca

Hi there,


We have deployed the following:

  • A hosted feature layer to hold QuickCapture (QC) features (HFL)
  • A hosted feature layer view (HFLV) of the above that is consumed via a QC project 


  1. When I write directly to the HFL from QC I successfully get points with attached images from the camera.
  2. However when we write to the HFLV from QC we get points but no attachments.


In Server Manager we get the following error:

SEVEREFeb 26, 2020, 10:37:39 AMWrong attachment definition syntax.Rest


Now there is a complication - The QC points have an attribute called: secured_from_app with a default value of "Yes" in QC.  The HFLV has a Feature View Definition of secured_from_app does not equal "Yes".


The intent here is that we can have users writing to the GIS HFL with QuickCapture, but if they tried to query the service (they can only access the HFLV) they would not be able to retrieve any features.


For example - we have multiple different users working on sensitive sites, and we don't want them to see what each other are up to.  Aware that we could publish multiple services and configure multiple projects, but that is an admin overhead (plus potential user confusion) we are trying to avoid.


I have tested the HFLV with this View Definition turned off and the points have attachments.  When it is applied points are submitted but attachments are not.


My theory is QC writes the points to the HFL (via the HFLV) and then tries to add attachments, but because of the HFLV View Definition it cannot access the features to attach the images.  I dunno, just a guess.


Either way, I think there is a valid workflow for providing the app to users but wanting the actual submitted data to be secure, even from the people submitting it. 





Johnathan Hasthorpe