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Make LAS Dataset Layer via modelbuilder, surface constraints problem

Question asked by inauejos_student on Feb 25, 2020



I built a model for creating nDSM in modelbuilder.


If the model is executed in a new project & file path, with the same data, via modelbuilder / edit pane 1x, the nDSM output is incorrect (see below), but validating and running the model again leads to the desired result. However, via geoprocessing tab, running it twice doesnt work...


After comparing the logs after a first and second run of the tool, I noticed the following difference:


Executing (Make LAS Dataset Layer): MakeLasDatasetLayer C:\Users\josua\Desktop\BA_GIS\experi19Au\Temp\LasDataset.lasd ground_points 2 'Last Return';'Single Return';'First of Many';'Last of Many';1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12;13;14;15 INCLUDE_UNFLAGGED INCLUDE_SYNTHETIC INCLUDE_KEYPOINT EXCLUDE_WITHHELD C:\Users\josua\Desktop\BA_GIS\experi8Au\au8experi19Au\au19.gdb\Surface_Constraints INCLUDE_OVERLAP


First, the tool Make LAS Dataset Layer tries to get the surface constraints from an older project & location (experi8Au) and updates / applies the latest constraints polygon (experi19Au) only after running the tool once. Unchecking the box below causes the model to not use any surface constraints at all. The tool should use the surface constraints previously generated within the tool the first time... How can I change this?


<- Old, "saved" path within a new project, before executing model once

<- output with old surface constraints path, after executing once

<- correct constrained nDSM output after executing twice

   <- surface constraints polygon


 This is a little inelegant, any ideas of what I could have done wrong?