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Limit on number of attribute rules?

Question asked by robstauder_horizonGIS on Feb 19, 2020

Hi all,


I'm looking for some friendly advice or opinions on this one. 


I'm configuring a Survey123 + Ops Dashboard solution that uses attribute rules to pull data values from some source layers into the Survey123 feature service. The survey is hosted in an eGdb and shared through portal. 


Currently, I have 5 attribute rules defined on the Survey123 layer and things seem to be happy. The plan is to create 33 total attribute rules. 32 of the 33 will use the intersects function (point in poly query). The other attribute rule calculates a score from the 32 values set by the other 32 rules. 


My question: Is this, perhaps, a poor design decision? Anyone have a sense of how this might behave? For every point created by Survey123, 33 rules will fire, updating 33 fields. None of the data will be versioned. Use of the solution won't be too extensive but will be global in coverage. I think a reasonable expectation is 500 responses over 3-6 months. Portal and database have massive capacity.


Any thoughts?