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Which Python Environment?

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Feb 14, 2020
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As many of us do, I used ArcGis Pro to clone the default python environment where I add various packages. Using conda, not the Pro package manager I added the pyodbc package to my clone (hereinafter referred to as clone1)  and the installation warned me that other packages would be down-graded in the process. Okay. I figured I would leave clone1 alone, so I went back to Pro and cloned the default to clone2. I happen to like spyder so I added it to clone2 and then  added pyodbc  accepting the down grades.  Cool.  Now I have 3 python environmments: the default, clone1 and clone2.  Clone1 remains the active clone in ArcGis Pro.


I added  a new desktop shortcut that fires clone2 spyder and started experimenting with pyodbc.  How does a stand alone script know which environment is the right one?  I never thought about this till now; my scripts written in clone1 spyder work just fine, ignoring the default, and I guess my scripts written in clone2 spyder will as well. Right?! 


Dan Patterson