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Quick Capture Photo Quality

Question asked by allenallen on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by allenallen

I would like to use the quick capture app for our construction inspectors to quickly document a field condition with a photo.  For example, Damage to Tree, Damage to Pavement, or Damage to Sidewalk.  It seems to work well, accept the quick capture photo app doesn't have any settings like flash or HDR like the normal camera app, and the photo quality is very low resolution which makes the pictures not good enough to use.


  • Is there a way to modify the photo resolution capture?
  • Can you have it use the native camera app instead of the quick capture app camera function?
  • We also would like an option to store the picture permanently on the phone and perhaps time and date stamp the photo like Survey 123.

If any of this is possible now, please let me know.  I could not find any options in the QC app or Designer.