ArcGIS Enterprise - Portal & Hosting Server behind F5 (Reverse Proxy)

Discussion created by Mullai.Manickavalli_UnivMB on Feb 6, 2020
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We have our ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS Server (Hosting), ArcGIS Server (Image Server) &  ArcGIS Server (Raster Server) - all Federated and working well within the Intranet. All versions are 10.7.1 and all running on their own VMs (linux) and all has their own Webadaprtors on their individual machines with tomcat.


To make it accessible for the Internet, we have the complete setup behind F5 (Reverse proxy). F5 is configured to resolve / allow only the requests to the Portal with the intention of forcing any access to the ArcGIS Servers be only via the Portal and not directly to the ArcGIS Servers.



When accessing from external location, the Portal is loading and working fine, but some ArcGIS Server hosted layers are not getting loaded with “server cannot be reached error”, ie. from Portal interface, some Items data hosted on the ArcGIS Server are being accessed with the hostname of the ArcGIS Server directly, which is not available for external access. 



If there should be 2 separate connections on the F5 (Reverse proxy) - one for the Portal and one for the Hosting server? Or is there away to have the Portal server communicate backend with Hosting sever without going through the proxy server for the hosted content, Feature layers etc.?


Also, There is documentation on Esri for setting up ArcGIS Portal to work with a Reverse proxy and a separate documentation to setup the ArcGIS Server to work with Reverse proxy. But there is no documentation about setting up both together with Reverse proxy, like our scenario above. 


Need some guidance, please.