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azure blob imagery

Question asked by rmehta9 on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by TNickolai-esristaff

We have deployed images to Azure blob and published successfully as image service

the black and white chess box appear on zoom, have followed all the standard steps

Main issue is chess box on zoom and below are entries in Log


Why does  Log gives these error and how to avoid

1. Log says below Missing raster: [/vsiaz/esrirasterdata/path to blob]

2. The operation timed out(WinINet Error while using HTTPS security, 12002), URL =

we have no reference any where for "vsiaz" or S3 , we are using Azure


Steps followed till now are below

Create a new file geodatabase and create a new empty mosaic dataset in this

  • Add the raster files in the Azure Blob data store to the mosaic dataset
  • Add the mosaic dataset as a layer to the map
  • Register the file geodatabase as a data store with ArcGIS Server (keeping the Azure Blob registered)
  • Publish the map with the reference registered data option checked



build overviews : creates downsample images, on zoom out

1. add raster

2. define overviews

3. build overviews