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Level 1 Users Cannot Access Referenced Data

Question asked by JoelRogers16 on Jan 24, 2020
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I have an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 environment with a SQL server Enterprise Geodatabase.  Most of the users of Portal are Level 2 publishers or creators.  There have been numerous apps and dashboards created using published, referenced feature layers using data from the SDE with no access issues until now.


With a recently created feature service and Dashboard I have a small group of level 1 viewers who cannot load the feature service in either the dashboard or a stand alone web map.  They can see the feature service since it is shared to the group that they are in, but when a level one user attempts to load the feature layer in a web map they receive the error message saying the data could not be loaded into the map.


Here are the details about the layer.  It is a SQL view of one spatial and one non-spatial table both in the same database.  Neither of the tables are versioned.  It is published to Portal using ArcMap 10.5 as referenced data.  All level 2 users can access it and use the Dashboard that contains it.  My thoughts are that it has something to do with permissions on the tables in the database, but I don't know exactly.