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restricting input dataset coordinate system

Question asked by jkaiden_usfs on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by Dan_Patterson

How does one restrict the input datasets to a certain coordinate system projection?

I think it involves setting up some kind of parameter dependency filter that I have been writing in the def getParameterInfo(self): section of a python script.


param03 = arcpy.Parameter(displayName = 'Input Regional DAMAGE_POINTS_FLAT_ALBERS dataset(s) from file (no need to load into the Table of Contents)',
name = 'Input_Regional_Damage_Point_Dataset',
datatype = 'DEFeatureClass',
parameterType = "Required",
direction = "Input",
multiValue = True)
param03.filter.list = ["Point","Multipoint"]


I also want to restrict this points and multipoints to the albers projection (or any specific coordinate system).


I presume it is something like this, but have been unable to figure it exactly out:



perhaps with enviroment worked in: param03.parameterDependencies.environment


Thanks, for I am a python novice willing to jump in and try to figure out syntax, but have had no formal python training.