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Python script to find out if two layers are overlapping

Question asked by ggroshans_GreenvilleWater on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by Andrew.Laws_nrcs

As part of QAQC, I have to routinely check if all vector line data is buffered on the buffered layer. The layers are: vector line layer, buffer layer, and grid number layer. As of right now, I scan the entire county boundary to see if there is any vector line data that is not buffered on the buffer layer. If it is not buffered, I need to find out which grid number the problem resides. 


I would like to make a python script that would check to see if all vector line data (layer 1) is overlaying the buffered layer (layer 2) and if not, which grid number (layer 3) is the problem. 


Does anyone have any experience trying to write a python script that can tell if one layer is spatially overlaying another layer?


Code examples would be much appreciated.