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Feature Service - Table does not have an OID Field error

Question asked by lostpenan on Dec 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by thiago.nascimento

I published a feature service from a view table in PostgreSQL to a standalone ArcGIS Server. I was able to view the feature layer in ArcGIS Online and was able query using the where clause. 


However, when I open the attribute table, I get strange behaviours. 

The feature count is wrong. The source layer has 914 features, but the attribute table shows 2,000. 

When I select a row and click Center on Selection, nothing happened.

feature count 


So, I checked the log file in ArcGIS Server Manager and saw this "Error: The table does not have an OID Field".

Log file


When I try to query at the REST endpoint using the Object ID, or return ID only or return count only, I get a "Unable to complete operation" error. The same "Error: The table does not have an OID Field" error appeared in the log file.

Query objectid


I have confirmed the feature layer has an ObjectID.



What did I miss?