How to add non-ESRI data to map with JavaScript API??

Discussion created by berniejconnors on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2011 by jaybee18

    I manage some ArcGIS servers and I publish several map services (  I have a user that wants to embed my map services into their website.  The user has a simple point dataset.  The user wants to display their point data on top of my map services.  I don't want to add the user's point data to my ArcGIS server.  I want the user to keep their data on their own web server.

  • How can the user add their point data to the map if it is NOT on ArcGIS server?

  • What format should they store the data (KML? Shape?)

  • What JavaScript function should be used to read the data and add it to the map?

  • Are there any examples on the web?