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Why no "find my location" button in web map?

Question asked by adailey_slo on Dec 10, 2019
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Hi there,

My organization has a web map that shows data collected via Survey123.  Field workers are collecting more data on an ongoing basis.  We also have staff licensed just as viewers, who don't have access to Survey123.  These viewers would like to be able to view the web map when they are out in the field making observations (not submitting data).  This would really only work if they can easily see their current location on the web map, so they can tell which data point they are close to.  

But the web map does not have a "find my location" button.  I read in the documentation that it should in theory have one.  I tried the web map on my computer (with Chrome), and on my iPhone with both Safari and Firefox.  I checked that my phone settings allowed the browsers to use my location.  And I was using cell service, not wifi.  I never had a button to find my location.

The web map is shared only with certain users; it's not public.  (And I am the original creator of the web map.)

Any ideas as to why this is, and how to get the button?

Thank you!