Hosted tile layers causing havoc to offline maps

12-10-2019 01:54 PM
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I'm working with published vector tile layers from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online. Sharing and offline capabilities have been enabled. I have a web map that already has offline areas created. I add the tile layer to the web map and save. I go back to re-create my offline area(s) and it's very erratic when trying to:

1) recreate an offline area: most of the time it fails. I've had it succeed once or twice, but mostly fails.

2) create new offline area: fails

   UPDATE: I noticed new areas fail because it appears they are trying to download the tile package even when the tile package is outside the extent of the new area. I tried setting the extent of the hosted tile layer in AGOL to no avail, new offline map areas still appear to try and download which probably leads to the failures.

3) Download ANY offline area (even areas outside of the vector tile area): fails

I tried doing this to a new map and having the same issues. Sometimes I can get it to work if I create the offline area without the vector tile, then add the vector tile to the map, save, and recreate the area. But it seems very random and erratic with mostly failures. The thing that boggles my mind is that it is affecting other offline areas outside of the vector tile locations. Even offline areas that have already been created BEFORE adding the vector tile layer to the map. It's very strange and seems like a bug to me. Anyone else have input on this? Is this a known bug? Thanks.

Update: Happens with raster tiles too...

Update: So I noticed even with hosted feature layers (no tiles), even if out of the extent of a new map area, those feature layers are still packaged into the new offline area. It doesn't usually throw a failure like the hosted tile layers though. This is bizarre and very inefficient...

***FINAL UPDATE/SOLUTION***: It looks like I've found a workaround that will let me use a hosted tile layer in offline map areas. The secret is to create ONE tile layer that contains ALL the layers you want to use in a tile layer (not multiple tile layers). Even if it spans a huge area (i.e. continental U.S.). Make sure to set the extent of your map to encompass all of that data. After publishing the tile layer, it can be added to a web map and saved. Offline map areas can then be created, refreshed, re-created, etc. without issue. If you need to add data to or update the vector tile layer, you can publish a new tile layer to AGOL. Then use the replace option in AGOL on the original tile layer to replace the original with the updated version. Offline map areas can be refreshed and new ones can be created without throwing a failure error. At least it works.

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