Python API vs Python based GP Tools for Analysis?

Discussion created by LANDVEST on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by kimo

Many of the solutions we have created for our organization have been released as Python based Geoprocessing Tools (sometimes rolled-up into widgets, other times simply a GP Service).


Since we've implemented a (federated) Enterprise system, we've been exploring leveraging the Python API much more.


As I see it, the primary difference here is that the GP services can access the underlying geodatabase infrastructure directly. Conversely, the Python API is designed to be web-based and would therefore access the data via feature services.


I realize this is the Python API forum/group so this may need to be posted elsewhere to get a good discussion going.


That said, what do you see as the advantages to using the Python API vs 'conventional' geoprocessing tools? Are there performance considerations? Ease of deployment?