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Attribute Table Not Sorting Correctly

Question asked by Davewsel on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by MBDriscoll

When sorting an attribute table, the "sort" doesn't work correctly. Some of the numbers are in the correct order but others clearly are not. Below is data from 3 different sources. I right-clicked the column title and chose "Sort Ascending" from the pop up menu. It appears the first digit (digit on the left) is being sorted correctly. I'm thinking that maybe if we change all of the numbers to decimals (1.0 insead of 1,16.0 instead of 16) it may fix it. However, I'm not the person in my company that makes those changes. I dont make or edit the data, I merely use it - well I try to at least.


water main diametersGravity Sewer diameters


Pressurized Sewer Diameters


Has anyone else had this issue? I had originally assumed it was an ArcPro specific issue, however if I export the attribute table to Excel I get the same results.