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Spatial join _Python_ 'FeatureLayer' object is not callable

Question asked by Jakelr on Dec 4, 2019

I'm trying to perform a spatial join ("intersect" or "Within") to join a target layer (cities) to a polygon (utilities).  Here is the code I'm using: 


Point_to_utility = join_features(target_layer=cities,
output_name='join features')


I'm getting the error: 'FeatureLayer' object is not callable


The data types are:

Cities (Points) = arcgis.features.feature.FeatureCollection
Layer (Ploygons) = arcgis.features.layer.FeatureLayer


Please let me know if I need to provide more info.  I'm also open to doing a spatial join using just about any method if the one above is not appropriate.  Thanks!