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ArcScene 2D Export Scene Problem: Patches of Raster Layer Missing

Question asked by kabobandrice on Dec 4, 2019

Hi folks,


Every time I try to export my 3D scene to 2D, the result is an image with large spots missing from my raster layer (alloczone4k). The result is the same regardless of whether I export is as a jpeg, bitmap, png, GIF, or PDF. My resolution is always 300. The color of the patches don't even match the background color I've set within the format options of the jpeg & bmp.


I've attached what it looks like before and after the export. This is for a class so I've worked on this on two different computers, one running on ArcDesktop 10.8 & other on 10.4. The version of the sxd I'm working on is obviously 10.4. The error happens on both systems.


For reference:



Centers - point

Street_class - polyline

SFCountour_clip - polyline

allocpoly4k - polygon

SFwater - polygon





All of the above files are located in a file geodatabase except for SFwater.