3d Historical maps

12-02-2019 08:47 AM
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i'd like to create a 3d Historical maps, which looks to this example Scene Viewer . How can i start? there is a tutorial or any document that describe step by step? 

Thanks so much! 


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Hello -- I've moved your question to the 3D Mapping‌ space, where I believe there will be a better chance that you'll get a good answer to your question.


Owen Evans
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Thanks Owen! 

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Hi thai mota ,

The example you shared contains a couple of historic maps which have been scanned and georeferenced and added to the Scene Viewer. The only 3D layer is the building layer. The living atlas of the world contains a number of 3D layers ready to use, but is depends on the city you want to construct you scene for if there is data available for you. You can create 3D buildings using City Engine or if more simple buildings are ok, you can extrude your building footprints.  

What kind of data do you have?

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Hi Xander,

thanks to your reply...so, i scanned and georeferenced historical maps (Bologna city's) and i'll try to generate 3d building from a shp which contain height values. Unfortunatly i don't have cityengine. 


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Hello thai mota,

Do your shp contains the building-polygones? You can publish this data with ArcGIS Pro or you can publish them directly in AGOL (Shapefiles—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation).

Then you can extrude the buildings. See the blog: What’s new in Scene Viewer (June 2019)  or Style polygon layers—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation for more information.