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multiple related tables are needed, but cannot use nested repeat

Question asked by kkanggis on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by JTedrick-esristaff

Hello all, 


I need some advice on how I can construct survey accordingly with my limited conditions. I am working on creating plot sampling scenario and the hierarchy of the survey is like below:

Each site (The site can be repeated but I limited it to one at a time. ) contains multiple plots (up to 10). And Each plot, it takes multiple species information (up to 10). I was able to create this survey successfully with nested repeat previously, but unfortunately I cannot use nested repeat anymore due to its display issue on the web version survey.


For now, I made only 1 repeat at the Plot level. So the repeat group contains plot name and 10 of species fileds (item 1, item 2, ,,item 10). It's totally fine for survey but what we need is analysis afterwards. As expected, my result table has 10 duplicated fields (named 1, 2, ..10), which is not ideal data structure for analysis. I need to re-structure the whole survey or re-arrange the result with additional tables to use in the analysis.


Is there any way that I can get nested repeat result (related tables) without using it directly in my survey?