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'Search for an address' results in two address entries?

Question asked by ScottEvans_CCG on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by ScottEvans_CCG

Our organization is currently testing the use of workforce with one of our departments.  Most of the pilot project has gone smoothly except for the 'Search for an address' component.  For instance, if a dispatcher searches for an address and clicks the '+Create Assignment' button, two entries appear, separated by comma.  A dispatcher has to manually clean up the address.  



Also, to clarify, Workforce is only dropping one point on the map, but still the address shows up twice in text format.  Another item to note is that dropping a point manually in the map will only result in one entry (but most of the dispatchers at our organization are not comfortable with zooming to an area and dropping a point; they prefer the search functionality). 


Has anyone else seen/experienced this behavior?  Can it be modified?