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ERROR 000005: Could not open the address locator.

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Nov 27, 2019
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ArcGis Pro 2.4 and/or ArcGIS 1.6.1


I am attempting to automate the creation of a composite locator using the Create Composite Locator tool/syntax in a python script.  I keep getting error as shown in the title of this thread.


Here is my function:


locatorsDir = r'\\SLCISARCGIS10-T\arcgisresources\common\geocode\test'

def createCompositeLocator(locatorsDir):
    #arcpy.env.workspace = locatorsDir
    outLocator = '{}\\CompositePY'.format(locatorsDir)
    addrSF = '{}\\AddressSF'.format(locatorsDir)
    addrSH = '{}AddressSH'.format(locatorsDir)
    centerLines = '{}\\Centerline'.format(locatorsDir)
    parcels = '{}\\Parcels'.format(locatorsDir)
    #locators = '{} AddressSF; {} AddressSH; {} Centerline; {} Parcels'.format(addrSF,addrSH, centerLines,parcels)
    locators = addrSF + ' AddrSF;' + addrSH + ' AddrSH;' + centerLines + ' Centerline;' + parcels + ' Parcels'

    fieldMap  = """
                   SingleKey "Key" true true false 100 Text 0 0 ,First,#,


The contents of FieldMap comes right out of the create composite locator tool history (Pro) or the geoprocessing results (ArcGIS).  The tool executes just fine in either application.  I cannot figure out what/why the error is telling me...


Eric Anderson

Brad Niemand