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Problems using Filter with Latest/Related Features in Stream Service

Question asked by MBennTLL on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by rsunderman-esristaff

We are currently setting up a Stream Service and need to use the Latest/Related (L/R) Features for our Webmap.


The Stream Service works fine without L/R Features. The WebSocket (WS) connection is created, filter messages of type

{“filter”:{“where”:”mmsi = ‘123456’”}}

are sent and confirmed (“error”: null) through the WS protocol. Data then proceeds to come through the same connection. Filter can be removed and edited, without issues.



With the L/R enabled, the filtering does not work as expected:


By filtering for “mmsi” (Track_id), the filter is sent via WS, then a new WS connection is opened with “where=mmsi%20%3D%20%123456%27” added to the WS-URL. By removing/editing the filter again a new WS connection is opened. Data is at least coming through.



By filtering for “class” (not a field of Related Features) the filter is sent via WS, no new connection is opened. No data is coming through.



I understand that the WS connection cannot be used for filtering for related features, but we did not even do that yet.


Is this a known issue? What would be the work around?


Kind regards, Markus