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QuickCapture: Failed to send records

Question asked by on Nov 24, 2019
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i have been working through the tutorial found HERE related to preparing a feature layer for use with the quickcapture app.


i successfully completed everything, including creating a quickcapture project and capturing records to test it on the mobile app using my phone.


everything goes well EXCEPT that i continue to get the message 'Failed to send records'. i tried it on 2 different projects - i first recreated the TX guardrail project they use in the tutorial, and when that didn't work, i created my own and tested that. in both cases, i got the message. 


on a related note, on the TX guardrail project, as instructed, i downloaded  some data from the TXDOT site and then attempted to append the data to the layer i created. i could not get the data to upload.


i'm using arcgis online with an organizational account through my school (I am the admin). i'm hoping to create a project for students to use the quickcapture app with.


thank you for any insights you may have.