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Is there a way on ARCGIS Online or ARCGIS Pro for me to drag the cursor across an area and then pull a table of the selected points of interest?

Question asked by nwilliams_GIS_SSG on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by HelenJohnson

I am tracking Geospatial responses to surveys via Survey123 from Homeless outreach workers and want to pull the data on one particular hotspot where outreach workers are engaged with individuals experiencing homelessness but I can't (on ARCGIS online or ARCGIS pro) figure out a way to filter based on a me selecting a cluster or manually highlighting the group of points by using ctrl and dragging the cursor over the area of interest.  I want to be able to present the data collected from the selected points in a spreadsheet.  To case conference on the individuals in this selected area.  Is there another method to do this?



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