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Inconsistent user interface when adding new points in Collector

Question asked by KatyAppletonUEA on Nov 21, 2019

I have set up two identical (as far as I can tell) empty layers using the dashboard at They are to contain points, and each has one field added, a string field called Name which has a coded domain. In that there are 8 names coded to values 1-8. (There are two layers because I need to deliver the same exercise twice, and start with a blank layer each time.) 


I have created two web maps to hold one of these layers each. In each map I have added the layer and then symbolised by Unique Values on Name. This shows up fine on the legend in the web map in each case.


When I go to each of the maps in Collector, I am offered different interfaces when adding a new point (see screenshots below). What have I (inadvertently) set up differently? I have tried setting both back to symbolise by Location Only, and then to Unique Values again, and it makes no difference. I have looked at the setup of both layers via the developers dashboard and I cannot see a difference between them. I've removed them from each web map and re-added them, and no change. 


Map 1 - drop-down for nameMap 2 - list for name


I'm using Collector Classic on Android.


Thanks for any pointers - this is driving me insane!