Not able to get GNSS positions on Trimble T10 using ESRI Collector

05-19-2019 08:31 AM
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I am using Trimble T10 Tablet and installed ESRI Collector. 

I am not able to get any GNSS position on the T10 Tablet but i have no problems having GNSS positions on u-Blox application, no problem in Trimble GNSS Status software, no problems in TerraSync and no problems in another GIS Windows Software. This is just happening on ESRI Collector.

Very often i get a position (just 1 instant) and i get the information i am very far from where i actually am located.

Then i lost the GNSS (wrong) position immediatelly.

Can anybody tell me what is going WRONG? I have internal GNSS selected on ESRI Collector but i always have no GNSS position.


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Pedro, Any luck with this workflow. We are looking to do the same thing.

Thank you

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Collector Windows is using windows location instead of traditional COM port. 

This issue requires additional configuration and sensor driver update to 1) properly configure the internal uBlox GNSS chipset and 2) properly wire the uBlox GNSS to the Windows location/sensor API. 

Have you tried to reach out to Trimble?