Commit new features to base version when in offline

08-29-2019 07:52 AM
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I've finally got the sync of a feature class going, but I can't see it in the main layer.

I must admit I don't understand Versioning, and never use it - we have no need for it - and the few times I have used it I have always ticked the Commit edits to base - which doesn't work for Collector

I have Compressed the database - this got edits made in AGOL viewer and Collector in OnLine mode, but after a "successful" sync in offline mode and database compress I can't see the features

In the "Versions" tab there is a version with the time  stamp of the sync job and it has originated from the map service.

Any hints as to how I get this into the visible layer?

I have used the Reconcile Versions toll, with the "post Versions after reconcile" option, and that works, but I have no idea how to make this happen without intervention

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Any solution to this for you? 

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You can use python script to automate reconcile and post. this help doc provides an overview of this versioned data offline support Offline maps and traditional versioned data—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise