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AppStudio Map Viewer Template Button Issue

Question asked by rcorsonCGIS on Nov 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by ESoekianto-esristaff

I recently downloaded AppStudio 4.0 and modified the Map Viewer sample as the base to a custom app my team is working on.  While testing, we noticed the "OK" button from messageDialog (MessageDialog.qml) does not display the default text correctly in some cases when testing on at least Android (we did not try iOS), and displays "PL" as in the image below.  This particular case happens immediately after downloading an offline map.  This happens using both the AppStudio Player, as well as when deploying to a device.  It looks fine when testing on the desktop player. At first we thought it was some of the customization, but we tested with a non-customized version with the same results.  We can get a standard MessageDialog to work, but not using the customized messageDialog in the AppStudio.  We are thinking it is an internationalization issue with the strings, but can't find where "PL" would replace "OK".  Any advice would be appreciated.

Otherwise, this is an impressive code base for the starting point for a custom app.

OK Button Issue