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How to access related table associated with geometry layer?

Question asked by burnsbern on Nov 19, 2019

Hello, I’m new to ArcGIS so any general direction is appreciated.


I’m trying create a dot density map that animates over time week by week for one year (JavaScript).


My data set includes a shape file for every zip code in a city. The second data being check-in information broken down into 8 categories.


For Ex. [Entertainment, Food ... Etc.]


Every week includes: 

Each zip code for the city, 

and for each of those zip codes the total check-ins for each of the 8 categories.





Weekly      Zip-code   Category    Check-in Total


1/01/2019 | 90210    | Food           | 3000



I’m having trouble with how to access both on my feature layer. Is there a way to map according to the related table through the associated geometry.