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Attribute table resets back to object 2000 when editing

Question asked by kericksonRDKB on Nov 18, 2019
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I have a feature class with aprox. 11000 points.

I am trying to go over each point to make sure it is in the correct spot, and I am finding that when moving the point and clicking the check mark to finish the edit, the attribute table will go back to somewhere in the original 2000 records.

This seems to be happening when the attribute tables has loaded more points beyond 2000 (as highlighted in the attached image). This also happens when I "load all".

Has anyone encountered this issue, and if so, how did you work around it?


I would like to be able to quickly click through the points (by double clicking on the object in the attribute table), make the edit and keep moving without having to scroll through a thousand points back to the one I just made edits to.


Using ArcGIS Pro 2.4