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Change ArcGIS online map layer reference from Rest URL to ArcGIS online equivalent layer

Question asked by rlquigley_AKDOT on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by rlquigley_AKDOT

I have map layers that point to a rest URL that I'd like to change to the ArcGIS online equivalent layer.

Is this possible without deleting the layer and starting a new one using the ArcGIS online layer equivalent? 


Asked another way...

I created some layers that point to a Rest URL maintained by another organization with popups that use a significant amount of Arcade programming inside them.  The rest URL is changing soon but the equivalent layers are now uploaded to ArcGIS online which then point to a rest URL. 


These layers are managed outside my organization and ideally would stay that way.  The problem is that when the owner of the data needs to change the rest URL my map layers that point to them break.  By pointing to the ArcGIS online equivalent they can update the Rest URL of the ArcGIS online equivalent layer without affecting user maps that utilize them.