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Multiple relationships on one feature in Collector

Question asked by KCI_ABlowers on Nov 14, 2019
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I have a feature service that contains structures (points) and conveyances (lines). The conveyance feature has both an upstream GlobalID (GUID) and a downstream GlobalID (GUID) field to store the appropriate ID from the structure feature. The relationship classes created to facilitate field data collection via Collector are: 

  • ConveyanceHasDnStrmStr = Structures - GlobalID (PK, GlobalID field type) to Conveyance - Downstream GlobalID (FK, GUID field type)
  • ConveyanceHasUpStrmStr = Structures - GlobalID (PK, GlobalID field type) to Conveyance - Upstream GlobalID (FK, GUID field type) 

Collector enforces the parent/child relationship by requiring the user to first create a structure, then add the conveyance. However, both options available in the "Related" section (screenshot below) of the attribute pane lead the user to create a "Downstream Conveyance" feature (populating the downstream GlobalID field in the conveyance). Originally, I thought I may have selected the wrong relate because Collector does not display the name of the relationship class. But after further testing, both options populate the downstream relationship. At first glance, it seems that Collector is ignoring the other relationship entirely even though it is present in the feature service. I attached a copy of the JSON from my Structures and Conveyance layers in the feature service.


Has anyone else experienced a similar issue in Collector and found a solution? Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?


Thanks in advance,