How to use a versioned Enterprise Geodatabase with Collector?

11-14-2019 01:00 PM
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I have been using an archived feature dataset that is set up to sync for a map in Collector. Recently, I had the need to create a versioned enterprise geodatabase with Collector using ArcMap. I set up everything as I usually do and published the service, adding the REST url to the map in ArcGIS Online. However, when I try to submit data using Collector I get an error: "Unable to Submit: Error performing apply edits operation." 

Does anyone who what could be the issue?



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Hi NDF Admin,

It would help if you could provide more information/context.

Just to confirm: you have versioned data in an enterprise geodatabase, which you've published from ArcMap as a feature service through ArcGIS Enterprise (e.g., ArcGIS Server) is that correct? Then you registered the feature service with your ArcGIS Online organization, created a feature layer, added to a web map, then perform edits in Collector, can you please confirm?

1) What is the DMBS platform for the enterprise geodatabase?

2) What is the release version for ArcGIS Enterprise?

3) What version of Collector are you using?

4) Have you checked the ArcGIS Manager logs? What do they say when you attempt to submit edits from Collector?

Server logs—ArcGIS Server Administration (Windows) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

Hope this helps,

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