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How to populate Textboxes with values from settings file in backstage tab

Question asked by TomGeo on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by wkaiser-esristaff

I am trying to provide my users with the possibility to adjust values that I by default set in a settings file of my addin through a backstage tab. I designed the UI in the tab to resample the tab design of ArcGIS Pro  (link to my question about the UI) and have now a ArcGIS Pro Pane on the right hand where I put some textboxes.

When initializing the backstage tab the settings file should be read and the textboxes populated with the respective values.

Here I have my first question, since the ArcGIS Pro Pane comes with its own view model... do I have to put the code there or is it absolutely fine to put the code into the code behind file?
My other question is about how to get the retrieved values into the textboxes. Currently I have a public property in the view model and I can see the xaml file is aware of the property bound to it, but I have no clue about where to put the code to retrieve the value from the settings file.