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Moving published python tool to ArcPro - Database Connections question

Question asked by don.morrison on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by don.morrison

I have a python tool that we are moving from ArcMap to ArcPro.  The tool accesses our enterprise database. In my python code I can reference the database using a string like 'Database Connections\\ROW Habitat (SDE).sde\\ROW_Habitat.SDE.Site'. When I do the publish ArcGIS is smart enough to figure out where the database really resides on the server (which I don't have access to)




This doesn't work on ArcPro. There appears to be no equivalent to "Database Connections".   I suspect that if I hard-code the absolute path to the sde file on my client, that the publish step would see that string and copy the sde file up to the server and figure it out from there. But we have a scheme where the absolute path is fed in from a properties file. This allows us to deploy the tool into multiple environments controlled by a local properties file. 




Any suggestions on how to get this type of publish to work on ArcPro?