create large dataset

Discussion created by oana22 on Mar 16, 2011
HI, all!
I want to ask the more experienced people in the GIS community for some ideas on how to manage large sets of data. Oki, the problem is as follows:

I have data for 10 adjacent regions, each region with its own geodatabse, with more than 30 feature classes in it. The data is not consistent, meaning that there may be different names in different geodatabses(for example water in GDB1 may be x1_water, and in GDB2, it may be named x2_water) and they are not created in the same manner (differences in digitization style from one region to another).
I want to bring everything together in a large dataset. what do you think would be the best procedure for bringing everything together and for correcting the differences between adjacent regions.

Thank you very much for your time!
Any idea is much appreciated!

Oana V.