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Web App Builder Application holding on to dev secure map service sign after service updated

Question asked by kmsmikrud on Oct 23, 2019
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I have a web application built using the web app builder. I have several secure map services that were on development but have now been moved to the production GIS server. I updated the web map urls using the ArcGIS Online Assistant and all the secure map services now show the production server. When looking at the urls in the ArcGIS Online Assistant I don't see any dev server urls and same when I review the web map data itself. My issue is the web app builder/application both pop up with a sign in for the secure production map services (which is what I want) but also a sign-in still pops up for a dev secure map service. The interesting thing is when I open and edit my web map the web application is linked to, I only get the production sign-in and no secure development sign-in. I can't figure out why this is. I've checked the web map and data sources and even removed the one map service the sign-in is popping up for even though when I go to the layer description it goes to the secure production map service.Why would the WAB be holding onto that secure dev service or where?


I was hoping it was a lag on the AGOL side but today it is still doing the same thing. Has anybody had this happen? I really would like to resolve the issue and not have the web app popping up with two sign-ins!


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