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Webgisdr Backup Error: "Export operation failed. String index out of range: -1"

Question asked by Mehretab on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by Mehretab

We are planning to migrate our ArcGIS Enterprise to new machines using webgisdr utility.

Our Portal datastore and web Adaptore are installed in one machine while ArcGIS Server is installed in another machine (Linux VMs).

After filling the necessary parameters we run the  webgisdr  tool and we are having the following error message, which I found to be not informative:

Starting the WebGIS DR utility.

The configuration and base backup time in the current Web GIS
Portal: https://xxxxx/portal at 24.10.19 08:03
| --   Hosting Server: https://xxxxx/arcgis at 24.10.19 08:03
|      |
|      |-- Relational Data Store:

Starting the backup process with the WebGIS DR utility.

Starting the backup for Portal for ArcGIS:

Starting the backup for ArcGIS Server:
Url: https://xxxxx/arcgis.

Starting the backup for ArcGIS Data Store:
Url: https://xxxx:2443/arcgis.

Failed to back up the ArcGIS Server:
Url: https://xxxx/arcgis.
{"code":500,"messages":["Export operation failed. String index out of range: -1"],"status":"error"}

The following ArcGIS Data Store has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://xxxx:2443/arcgis.

The backup of ArcGIS Data Store has completed in 00hr:01min:20sec.

The following Portal for ArcGIS has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://xxxxx/portal.

The backup of Portal for ArcGIS has completed in 00hr:05min:57sec.

The backup of Web GIS components has completed in 00hr:06min:32sec.


The SHARED_LOCATION and BACKUP_LOCATION is a network directory.

I change the log to debug to get more details but couldn't find any hint.

The same error is generated when we try to use the exportSite tool in Server admin:



I have been roaming around to understand what this "string index out of range: -1"  is implying to no success.