Regular expression to extract lat lon from string

Discussion created by ctalleygreenville on Mar 15, 2011
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Hello all,

This has to be easy, but I cannot seem to form the expression correctly.  How can I extract the actual longitude value from the following web query (is a text string at the point where I am wanting to extract)?

Vehicle ID:truck1 lat:34.833730000000003 lon:-82.352369999999993 dir:90.0 spd:0.0 lck:6 time:151842 date:03142011 trig:2 eof<br>

I can match "lon:" using
but I cannot seem to get the portion associated with the value.  I need -82.352369999999993 or lon:-82.352369999999993

The number of digits for the longitude is not always the same, but it is always followed by a space then dir:

Thanks in advance.