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Question asked by bennywhite on Oct 18, 2019

ArcGIS Pro (2.4.2) Add Data Refresh


I have a project that involves about 30 layers in the map.  I use a lot of Joins to Add Data.  Most of this is included in Excel workbooks with numerous tabs.


I find that when I add a tab to a workbook while Pro is open and then attempt to do a join on the data in the new tab, Refresh will not work to locate the new tab.


The only way I can access the new tab is to Save the Project, Exit the application and then reopen Pro.  The next time I Add Data there is a refresh cycle initiated and I can see the new tab.


I may be doing something wrong but it seems to me that the Refresh icon at the right side of the Explorer or Address bar is not functioning.  I would like to report this as a defect but I don't see an easy way to do that.