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Extending the ArcGIS DataStore Failover Time Out when Configuring?

Question asked by hlindemannesri-southafrica-esridist Employee on Oct 18, 2019

Hi everyone,


I have a 10.6.1 datastore that has almost 7000 hosted FC in the store this is +- 30GB but I am getting a problem when I try to add a failover.



After adding the failover the wizard copies over the datastore and unpacks it. It then fires up one thread to read through the content now because of the volume and a slow server it fails to read through all the content and start up the datastore before the timeout it then fails.


I had to copy out most of the data to get the failover to configure but this is a very time-intensive script.



Is there a setting to extend the timeout of the wizard when adding the datastore?